Shine Nordics starts MAG5 – New production company for Branded Content

Shine Nordics is now launching MAG5 Content AB in Stockholm. MAG5 Content develops and produces moving pictures for platforms other than traditional TV with the aim of giving the public information, strengthening brands and driving sales.

With its strong base in the development and production of television programs for the major Nordic TV channels, MAG5 Content is in a unique position in a growing market and already has fantastic expertise with deep experience of production, branding and storytelling.

Magnus Wistam, with his extensive experience in the advertising industry, including his time as President and Account Manager at Grey (Ingo), McCann and RBC, becomes a partner and head of the new unit. Christer Åkerlund, the well-respected producer at Meter Television and Henric Uhrbom, production manager and formerly from STO-CPH Produktion and Mexico, are also joining the new company. Currently Mag5 Content has a team of ten.

MAG5 Content will collaborate with Shine Nordics other production companies, Meter Television, STO-CPH produktion, Friday TV and Filmlance International. For many years they have been major suppliers of scripted and non-scripted entertainment and strong brands to all Swedish TV channels and the new partnership offers unique opportunities for cross-fertilization of talent, ideas, successful television and new technical opportunities on a variety of additional platforms from a marketing, information and brand strategy viewpoint.

“The Nordic media landscape is facing major changes. We see how traditional advertising is losing ground. New digital platforms, creating new opportunities for professionally produced moving images and more and more brands as the senders of premium content in our own channels,” Magnus Wistam says.

“These are exciting times for us, telling stories with moving images. There are more and more technical platforms and new ways to express ourselves. The development has been going on for 15 years but it is only now that we are seriously looking to revolutionise its breakthrough,” added Christer Åkerlund.

MAG5 Content already started in the spring of this year, producing a factual series for Aftonbladet TV, one of the new on-line channels. The series “Konsumentdrevet” was shown successfully on Aftonbladet’s website. Prior to the election on September 14, MAG5 Content will be producing on-line material for the Green Party (Miljöpartiet).